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苹果推出iPhone X

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约合6500元人民币,iPhone X接纳了一种新的屏幕技能OLED,许多竞争者曾经在运用该技能,尚未泄漏的信息包罗苹果怎样将新的没有按钮的设计与操纵零碎联合起来——没有实体按钮,要回主页

Apple unveiled the iPhone X, its first premium-tier phone, at an event in Cupertino, California, on Tuesday, that included other product premiers. 苹果(Apple)周二在加利福尼亚州库比蒂诺的一场运动上公布了首款低价手机iPhone X及其他新品。 iPhone X is priced at $999, the most expensive ever for a new iPhone model. It will ship Nov. 3. (Pro tip: The X is pronounced 10, and not “ex.”) iPhone X订价999美元(约合6500元人民币),是有史以来最贵的新款iPhone。它将于11月3日出货(专业小提示:这里的X是罗马数字中的10,不是英笔墨母X)。 The phone has a newer screen technology known as OLED, a type of display that can be made thinner, lighter and brighter with better color accuracy and contrast than its predecessor, LCD. iPhone X接纳了一种新的屏幕技能OLED。这种表现屏可以做到比之前的LCD更薄、更轻、更亮,颜色准确度和比照度也更好。 The screen on the X has a so-called edge-to-edge display that takes up the entire face by eliminating the borders around the screen. Apple also eliminated the physical home button that has been a signature feature of the iPhone for a decade. iPhone X的屏幕运用了一种所谓的无边框表现屏。屏幕周围的边框去除,外表全部是表现屏。苹果还取消了实体键home键。过来十年里,后者不断是iPhone的标记性特性。 iPhone 8 is also here, as well as its bigger sibling, the iPhone 8 Plus. The models include a glass body and a faster chip. 在这场运动上推出的另有iPhone 8和它的加大版iPhone 8 Plus。这两款手机接纳了玻璃机身和速率更快的芯片。 Apple TV, the company’s set-top box that has never been a blockbuster hit, got an upgrade. The device will now be able to stream so-called 4K resolution, which refers to screens with two times the vertical resolution and twice the horizontal resolution of older high-definition TVs. 该公司不断未能大火的机顶盒Apple TV也完成了晋级。这款设置装备摆设如今可以流播放所谓的4K辨别率。4K辨别率指的是垂直辨别率和程度辨别率辨别是老款高清电视两倍的屏幕。 Apple took the wraps off a new Apple Watch. Called Apple Watch Series 3, it has cellular capabilities. There’s also a new Watch OS. 苹果还发表了新款Apple Watch。被称作Apple Watch Series 3的它具有手机功用,还搭载了新版Watch OS。 iPhone X Pushes Apple Into New Territory on Price iPhone X将苹果推入新订价范畴 With the $999 iPhone X, Apple moved to a new premium level of pricing. The smartphone will cost $300 more than the iPhone 8 and $200 more than the iPhone 8 Plus. 借助售价999美元的iPhone X,苹果进入了一个新的高订价阶段。这款智能手机的售价比iPhone 8和iPhone 8 Plus辨别超过跨过了300和200美元。 While that will be too expensive for many people, the company said it saw the iPhone X defining a new era for the smartphone, much like the original iPhone did 10 years ago. Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said the device would “set the path for the next decade.” That is because Apple will likely build on some of the iPhone X’s most notable features, including infrared facial recognition, wireless battery charging and sophisticated camera effects. 虽然这个价钱对许多人来说都太甚昂贵,但苹果以为iPhone X界说了一个新的智能手机期间,很像10年前最早的iPhone所做的。苹果的首席实行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)说,这款设置装备摆设将“为下一个十年铺路开道”。这是由于苹果能够会在iPhone X局部最紧张的功用,包罗红外人脸辨认、无线充电和精细的相机结果的根底上持续发力。 Consumer reaction to the new phone will have a big impact on the company’s revenue and stock price. Right now, analysts are betting on a slow uptake of the top-end phone, both because of production delays and the high price. But if it turns out to be an unexpected hit, like the iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus, the company’s sales — and stock price — could surge. 消耗者对这款手机的反响将对苹果公司的支出和股价有严重影响。现在,剖析人士以为,由于消费延期和昂扬的价钱,市场对这款高端手机的承受会较慢。但假如现实证明它像iPhone 6 Plus和7 Plus一样,获得出其不意的乐成,苹果的贩卖额和股价能够会飙升。 Wall Street was not immediately dazzled by Apple’s presentation, however, with the stock price down more than 1 percent by the end of the event. 但是,华尔街并没有立刻为苹果新推出的产物所折服。到运动完毕时,该公司股价下跌逾1%。 — Vindu Goel ——文杜·戈尔(Vindu Goel) The iPhone X’s design takes glass to the outer edges. iPhone X的设计让玻璃屏不断延伸至外缘。 The iPhone X is the first redesigned iPhone in three years, and Apple says it is the blueprint for “the future of the smartphone.” Many of the design details had leaked to the press before Tuesday’s unveiling — including that it would have a new display that stretched across much more of the phone’s front, and that it would do away with the trademark home button. iPhone X是三年来首款重新设计的iPhone。苹果称其为“智能手机的将来”蓝图。在周二发表之前,已有许多设计细节省出,包罗它将接纳占据手机正面更多空间的新款表现屏,以及它将保持标记性的home键。 Much of that turned out to be true. The iPhone X is essentially the same size and overall shape as the iPhone 7, but because the screen occupies all of the front of the phone, it is far larger than that of older models. The screen uses a technology new for Apple (which many competitors already use), called OLED. It produces better image quality than Apple’s older LCD screens. 此中许多被证明是真实的。iPhone X和iPhone 7的尺寸和总体外形根本相反,但是由于手机正面全部被屏幕占据,以是它的屏幕比旧款要大得多。屏幕运用了一项对苹果来说的新技能OLED(许多竞争者曾经在运用该技能)。它的画面质量比苹果旧的LCD屏幕更好。 What wasn’t leaked was how Apple would integrate the new button-free design with the operating system — how would you navigate the phone without a physical button? 尚未泄漏的信息包罗苹果怎样将新的没有按钮的设计与操纵零碎联合起来——没有实体按钮,你怎样操纵这个手机? It’s quite simple: You swipe. To go home, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. To see other apps, swipe up from the bottom and pause — now you see the multitasking pane. 很复杂:滑动。要回主页,从屏幕的下偏向上滑动。要看其他使用顺序,从下方往上滑动,然后长按——你就能看到多义务界面。 Whether people will adjust to the button-free system remains to be seen. For better or worse, Apple has used essentially the same interface for the iPhone for the last decade. Swiping is easy, but it isn’t as easy as hitting a button, and it may throw some people off at first. 人们能否会顺应这种没有按钮的零碎仍需拭目以待。不论怎样,苹果用的是跟过来十年根本相反的界面。滑动很容易,但不像按按钮那么容易,一开端能够会让有些人手足无措。 — Farhad Manjoo ——法尔哈德·曼尤(Farhad Manjoo) The iPhone X introduces infrared face scanning. iPhone X推出红外线面部扫描功用。 The brand-new feature in the iPhone X that has never existed on any other iPhone is infrared face scanning. iPhone X的全新功用是红里面部扫描,这项功用从未在其他款iPhone上呈现过。 The technology, called Face ID, uses an infrared camera system on the front of the phone to scan the contours and shape of a person’s head to unlock the phone and authorize mobile payments. The technology works by spraying an object with infrared dots to gather information about the depth of an object based on the size and the contortion of the dots. The imaging system can then stitch the patterns into a detailed 3-D image of your face to determine if you are indeed the owner of your smartphone before unlocking it. 该技能被称为面部身份(Face ID),它用手机后方的红外线摄像零碎扫描一团体头颅的表面和外形,来解锁手机,受权挪动领取。该技能经过在一个物体上散布红外线点,依据这些点的巨细和歪曲,搜集关于一个物体深度的信息。然后,该成像零碎把这些外形与你面部的细致3D图像重合,在解锁前确定你能否真的是手机的主人。 — Brian X. Chen ——布莱恩·X·陈(Brian X. Chen) The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus can handle more complex tasks. 新的iPhone 8和iPhone 8 Plus能处置更庞大的义务。 The new iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus include a six-core processor that will handle more complex tasks and 3D games more quickly and efficiently than previous iPhones. The phones generally look the same as their predecessors, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with the exception of glass bodies, as opposed to aluminum. 新的iPhone 8和iPhone 8 Plus包罗一个六核处置器,与之前的iPhone相比,它能更快、更无效地处置更庞大的义务和3D游戏。新款手机的表面与之前的iPhone 7和7 Plus大抵相反,只不外机身是玻璃材质,而非铝合金。

Apple improved the phones’ cameras with new sensors and added new motion sensors to better support applications made for augmented reality, which use data to digitally manipulate the physical world when people look through a smartphone lens. 苹果用新的传感器改良了手机的摄像头,添加了新的挪动传感器,以更好地支持为加强理想设计的使用顺序,它们运用数据让人们经过智能手机的摄像头控制物质天下。 In particular, the dual cameras in the iPhone 8 Plus take photos with sharp details in low light. Apple also added a new portrait mode to improve the lighting on faces regardless of the background. 尤为紧张的是,iPhone 8 Plus的双摄像头能在暗光下拍出细节更清晰的照片。苹果还添加了一个新的肖像形式,改进面部的光芒——不论在什么样的配景下。 Another notable new feature is the introduction of magnetic induction to the iPhones. Similar to Apple Watch, the iPhones can now be charged by being placed on a charging pad as opposed to being plugged in with a cable. 新款iPhone的另一个值得存眷的新功用是参加了磁感到。和苹果腕表一样,如今你可以把iPhone放在一个充电板上充电,不用再用线充。 The new iPhone 8 line will be one of the most important for Apple. Wall Street analysts have estimated that more than half of iPhone buyers will buy the 8 and 8 Plus over the next year. The models have a slightly higher starting price than their predecessors: The iPhone 8 starts at $699, up from $650 for older iPhone models. 对苹果来说,新的iPhone 8系列将是它最紧张的产物。据华尔街剖析人士估量,在将来的一年里,超越对折的iPhone买家会购置8或8 Plus。新款的起价比之前产物略高:iPhone 8的起价为699美元,之前的是650美元。